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About Caitlin

Who says a small nonprofit can't keep up in the digital age? 


Clarinda's associate Caitlin is a creative problem-solver who loves a challenge. She specializes in writing, design, and online communications. Her favorite projects include:

  • Overhauling nonprofit websites and social media

  • Grant writing and special appeal letters

  • Brainstorming key messages that make the heart of your mission shine through 

  • Using technology to increase efficiency

  • Bringing her creative flair for design to nonprofit marketing

Caitlin's present and past clients include: Grays Harbor Historical Seaport, Mercy Corps, the Oregon State Parks Foundation, and the Washington County Museum. She designed the Oregon State Parks Foundation website, as well as coordinating development of the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport website.

She has experience with a variety of donor databases--including Raisers Edge, and her favorite, ETapestry. She has created multiple email marketing and fundraising campaigns, and designs all sorts of printed materials. Despite her tech skills, Caitlin firmly believes that solid fundraising is built on relationships, and she loves a handwritten thank you note. 

Caitlin holds a B.A. in English from Portland State University. Her passion is working with nonprofits whose mission strikes a chord with her personally, and helping them to put their best foot forward in the modern age of communications. She can be reached at

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