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Free Fundraising Tools

Click the titles below to download free, helpful 
fundraising tips:
Fundraising 101   

Fundamentals to guide your fundraising process whether you’re just starting out or running multiple campaigns.

20 Ideas for Board Members   

How you can help your organization “friend raise” and raise funds.

20 Ideas for Cultivation and Stewardship   

It’s all about building new relationships while taking good care of the ones you already have.

Roles in Fundraising    

Do I have a role in fundraising? If so, what is it? Whether you’re a board member, staff person, or volunteer you may be surprised by what you can, and need to do in order to reach full fundraising potential.

3 Levels of Board Fundraising    

Identify your own personal level of fundraising involvement.

Industry Standards for Fundraising   

A handy guide to help you identify your best method for fundraising, including average returns on direct mail, phone calls, fact to face visits, etc.

From Clarinda's Blog
National Fundraising Websites
These are websites Clarinda enjoys reading, but who are not local to the Portland metro area. For local resources, please see the Referrals page.  

Gail Perry's Fired Up Fundraising,

Penelope Burk, Donor Centered Fundraising,

Terry Axelrod, Benevon,
Andrea Kihlstedt, Capital Campaign Magic,
Kim Klein, Klein & Roth Consulting,
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