Our Approach

Have you ever heard about a nonprofit who seems to be raking in the donations, positive press, and grant awards?  


Do you ask yourself,“How do they do it?”.  Perhaps you think to yourself, “If my organization only had _________, we would be successful, too!”


The word that fills in the blank for successful, healthy nonprofits is teamwork”.


Organizations that are reaching their full fundraising potential are doing so because they have an entire team engaging the community in philanthropy, rather than one or two staff members. My approach to fundraising is to help you build your nonprofit dream team.

You might be thinking that your board/staff/organization is different. They're really not interested in helping to fundraise.

Though it often may feel this way, the reality is that everyone involved is choosing to be part of your organization. They value your mission. They have a personal connection with the work your organization is doing. Most of the time they are not helping to fundraise because they are scared. They don’t understand how they can be key players in your fundraising efforts. I can help to take the fear and mystery out of fundraising while re-energizing staff and board to engage as part of your team.


As part of your fundraising team, I will help each board member, volunteer, and staff person find where their natural skill set will help boost friendraising and fundraising efforts. -- Clarinda White, Fundraising on a Mission

With a fully engaged fundraising team who has been given clear, approachable goals you will be astounded at what you can achieve.
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Are you a numbers person? Or would you like to show your board a study that backs up the problems you're seeing within your organization? 

The value of collaborative fundraising is underscored by the findings of “UnderDeveloped: A National Study of Challenges Facing Nonprofit Development” a report published in January 2013 byCompassPoint and the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund. We highly recommend that anyone who works with or volunteers for a nonprofit read this report.