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Fundraising on a Mission is best known for interim solutions, leading capital campaigns, and turning crisis into success. With almost 30 years experience of successfully growing nonprofits, I have developed successful strategies that are tried and true. I can also customize support based on your goals.

Interim Executive Director

Interim executive director support plays a crucial role in organizations undergoing transitions or facing leadership gaps. When an organization finds itself without a permanent executive director, the interim executive director steps in to provide stability, strategic guidance, and continuity during the transitional period. Moreover, interim executive directors serve as a bridge between the outgoing and incoming leadership. They collaborate with the board of directors and provide valuable insights into the organization's operations and strategic direction, ensuring a smooth transition for the new permanent executive director.


Fundraising Plans and Assessments of Current Fundraising Efforts

Your fundraising program is only as good as your fundraising plan. If you're thinking to yourself, "uh oh- we don't have one!" then you are amongst the majority of grassroots nonprofits. To reach your next level of fundraising, and sustain future growth, it is essential to plan. Planning keeps individuals and committees on track and efficient, providing clear goals and objectives. Clarinda has the knowledge and real-world experience to help you come up with a clear, attainable, realistic fundraising plan. You may want to start the planning process with an assessment of your current fundraising efforts- to see what is working and what isn't. 

"As a consultant, the assessment and recommendations report that Clarinda completed for us was exactly what we needed! It clearly told us our strengths and challenges  were for the past few years and provided next steps to increase our capacity to raise funds."

-- Lauren Booth, Executive Director - Living Yoga

Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns are a specialized branch of fundraising, and for good reason. They are typically longer-term, high-target fundraising, and require strong community support with plenty of planning and momentum. It is not uncommon for organizations to discover that their capital campaign is in need of more work than they anticipated.  Whether you are just getting started, or find your capital campaign stalled halfway to the finish line, a fresh outside perspective can help you reach your goals. Clarinda can help you assess whether the time is right for a capital campaign, create a plan, or jump start a stalled campaign. 

Fundraising on a Mission developed and delivered a capital campaign feasibility study report for Southern Coos Hospital’s Foundation (SCHF).  The Hospital immediately began to put some of the suggestions in the report to work as we plan for the remodel and expanded emergency department. Clarinda and James offered a much-needed objective viewpoint on how the community perceives our small rural hospital and the services we provide; developed a clear road map of tasks to tackle in preparation for a campaign; and gave us data to make informed decisions.  We are grateful for the insight from Clarinda and James look forward to continuing our work with them we launch our capital campaign.

Scott McEachern

Southern Coos Hospital Information Officer and SCHF Executive Director

Southern Coos Health Foundation

Board Engagement in Fundraising

Nonprofit organizations can thrive or flounder because of a single aspect- their board of directors. What may surprise you is that there is something far more important than who is on the board, and that is how the board is functioning. Without guidance, many well meaning board members will remain disengage and their talents wasted. 
The fact of the matter is that each person has a reason they're on the board of directors. Maybe the nonprofit touched their family in some way. Maybe it's mission has to do with the industry of their employer, and they find it interesting. 

Clarinda has led many game-changing board workshops and retreats to help engage board members in a dynamic exploration of their role. She takes the mystery and fear out of fundraising, to show individuals how their strengths can and will contribute to a team effort, leading to vigorous organizational growth. Everyone wants to be part of a success story and Clarinda can inspire your board to pursue their highest level of leadership skills.

"I have been to many fundraising workshops but I've never been to one where we drilled down to a level where each board member understood the role we play in fundraising by simply using our natural skills."

-- Board Member - Washington Trust of Historic Preservation

 Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an effective organizational management activity that can help you determine your priorities, identify your resources, strengthen your work, and adjust your direction in response to a changing world. Effective strategic planning articulates not only where an organization is going and the actions needed to make progress, but also how it will know if it is successful.  Clarinda is an experience strategic planner who can help you identify strategies to advance your mission.

"Our Foundation Board raved about the strategic planning process that was provided.  One attendee said it was the most well organized strategic planning process they had ever participated in. They love the strategic plan!  After reviewing the plan, two board members each handed me $1,000 checks."

-- Heidi Luquette, Executive Director, Tillamook Bay Community College Foundation

Coaching & Mentoring

If your nonprofit has just hired your first development director who needs guidance on best practices in fundraising or a seasoned staff member who is taking leadership on a key area of fundraising, Clarinda can help with coaching and mentoring support.  As a seasoned professional, she can bring years of experience to provide expert advice based on lessons learned and successful outcomes.

"Clarinda was wonderful to work with! As my mentor, she gave me tons of resources and information that I can use for years to come. She was always very prepared with a plan for each session but she was also flexible. She brought a wide range of ideas to the table, too!"


-- Carol-Ann Nelson, Executive Director, Destination Rehab 

Event Fundraising


Planning and executing a fundraising event requires the management of many things and includes a 'all hands on deck' engagement effort.  Whether it is your first or your 20th event, Clarinda brings enthusiasm and expertise to event planning.

"I worked closely with Clarinda and experience, firsthand, her energy, leadership, professionalism, and commitment to making our annual event a huge success.  She rose to the challenge and delivered more than a great result with a 39% increase in revenue. We couldn't have done it without her!"


-- Keith McIntire, Stoel Rives - St. Andrew Legal Clinic Event Chair

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