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Cultivating individual donors- are you planning or just reacting?

I ran across this excellent article by Heather Yandow in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, and wanted to pass it along to my blog readers. It’s based on a new report on how to boost your donations from individuals and has some surprising results. You may have heard again and again the importance of creating a fundraising plan, but this article really shows the “why” behind that.

Click here to read Heather Yandow’s article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (the link will open in a new window)

Across the board, organizations that make a fundraising plan are able to increase their income. This also goes for spending face to face time with your individual donors.

Keep in mind a fundraising plan does not have to be intimidating, or a large document for that matter. A simple annual calendar of fundraising activities can do the trick. Take it one step at a time, and remember even the simplest plan is better than no plan at all. Happy fundraising!


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