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Museum of the Oregon Territory

James Phelps, NAO Associate Consultant, and I taught a workshop as part of the NAO Leadership Network series. The workshop, How to Engage Your Board, was held at the Museum of the Oregon Territory in Oregon City. The luncheon and workshop was sponsored by the Lewis and Clark Bank.

The Museum of the Oregon Territory is a self-guided museum located above the beautiful Willamette Falls in Oregon City and is operated by the Clackamas Historical Society. It holds over 10,000 artifacts and displays. It is mostly run by volunteers and is free to the public.

Our training session included a review of several very important topics that all board members can benefit from in their important work as leaders: Board duties, job descriptions and agreements, and fundraising. We also talked about how to identify if your work as a board is successful when leading a non-profit. We did an activity that helps you to identify how your natural skill set can support your nonprofit in it's fundraising efforts.

If you are interested in offering this kind of training to help your board be as successful as possible, email us and we will be happy to go over a training session designed based on your non-profit's goals!

-- Clarinda White

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