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Ethics 101: Should Fundraisers Earn a Commission?

As many non-profits look for clever ways to increase contributed income through such channels as individual and major giving, one activity remains an ethical question: should nonprofits pay staff a commission for securing such donations? Does such a practice lead an organization down a dangerous road?

Recently, the NonProfit Quarterly shared an article about this very topic. Last month, contributor Erin Rubin shared a story of one nonprofit board based in Louisiana that made an agreement with the CEO that would award him a "finder's fee" for a certain level of donations. The Association of Fundraising Professionals established a standard that such practices are unethical for a variety of reasons but the group also states that there are some exceptions.

What do you think about this? Should fundraisers be considered salespeople and find motivation with an incentive like commissions on donations they secure for a non-profit?

Read the complete article here.

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