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How to Engage Your Board in Better Fundraising

Nonprofit organizations can thrive or flounder because of a single aspect- their board of directors. What may surprise you is that there is something far more important than who is on the board, and that is how the board is functioning. Without guidance, many well meaning board members will remain disengaged - their talents wasted. The fact of the matter is that each person has a reason they're on the board of directors. Maybe the nonprofit touched their family in some way. Maybe it's mission has to do with the industry of their employer, and they find it interesting.

Clarinda and colleague, James Phelps have led many game-changing board workshops and retreats to help engage board members in a dynamic exploration of their role. Their approach takes the mystery and fear out of fundraising, to show individuals how their strengths can and will contribute to a team effort, leading to vigorous organizational growth. Everyone wants to be part of a success story and we can help inspire your board to pursue their highest level of leadership skills.

Here are some comments in response to a workshop session they facilitated for the Nonprofit Association of Oregon:

"I walked away with tangible tools and templates that I could use right away with my Board."

"Clarinda and James demonstrated a deep level of expertise in how to engage your Board in fundraising."

"The information provided was immediately applicable within my organization."

If you are a board member looking for an opportunity to strengthen your skills or an executive director seeking board training sessions, please contact us for details to set up your session. Please send an email or call 503-407-5892 for a free consultation today!

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