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Capital Campaigns - It is all about the planning

Capital campaigns are a specialized branch of fundraising and for good reason. They are typically longer-term, high-target fundraising activities and require strong community support with plenty of planning and momentum. It is not uncommon for organizations to discover that their capital campaign is in need of more work than they anticipated.

Whether you are just getting started, or find your capital campaign stalled halfway to the finish line, a fresh outside perspective can help you reach your goals. I can help you assess whether the time is right for a capital campaign, create a plan, or jump start a stalled campaign.

There are many resources on the steps of a campaign and I can help make sense of all the moving pieces! For example, what is the 'quiet phase' and what is the 'public phase'? How do you do a feasibility study to know if you are ready to move forward with a campaign? How exactly is fundraising different in a capital campaign?

Contact me today about how to start on your plan! I am ready to help you! Phone: 503-407-5892

"Clarinda has been a professional fundraiser for many years. I recommended her for the Banks Library capital campaign. It was successful and her work was roundly praised at the opening of the new building! Clarinda has fantastic energy, enthusiasm, and a great sense of humor. She is confident but always learning. She can lead and help others lead. She is extremely well-organized and will drive your campaign to the finish line."

-- Barbara Gibbs, Nonprofit Association of Oregon (NAO)

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