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Paving the way to a successful capital campaign

Capital campaigns are a specialized branch of fundraising, and for good reason. They are typically longer-term, high-target fundraising, and require strong community support with plenty of planning and momentum. During the public phase of a campaign, it is intense in a short period of time. It is not uncommon for organizations to discover that their capital campaign is in need of more work than they anticipated.

Perhaps you are looking for funding to cover the purchase of some major equipment or your organization has outgrown its current location and you need a new building - in either case, planning should be part of your leadership's strategic planning. The key areas that such a campaign touches on are:

1. Raising funds for your organization.

2. Strengthening your organization's infrastructure.

3. Community engagement.

4. Increasing awareness of your mission

Whether you are just getting started, or find your capital campaign stalled halfway to the finish line, a fresh outside perspective can help you reach your goals. We can help you assess whether the time is right for a capital campaign, create a plan, or jump start a stalled campaign.

"Clarinda is an all-star when it comes to shaping and developing a strategic capital campaign plan that makes Board members want to lean in and take action. As the Interim Executive Director of Rediscover the Falls, hiring Clarinda was one of the smartest investments I made during my tenure. She brought immediate value to our team and motivated all of us to action with her energy and expertise. Results were immediate upon her arrival! I can hardly wait to get the chance to work with her again!"

Shelly Parini, Interim Executive Director - Willamette Falls Legacy Project

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