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Client Spotlight: Family Promise of Beaverton

Family Promise of Beaverton is committed to help children and their families who are experiencing homelessness in Beaverton. The nonprofit pursues this mission using values of showing respect, kindness, and patience by working together to help transform lives.

I have been working with the nonprofit, alongside James Phelps of JKP Fundraising, on several projects. Recently, I attended a community gathering that offered more insights into the programming offered by Family Promise.

The gathering took place at Vernier Technology and Software. Jolene Guptill is the executive director of Family Promise of Beaverton and she joined me, as well as, Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle for a photo. Lacey Beaty is the chair of the Beaverton City Council and Claas Ehlers (CEO of Family Promise's national organization) both were also there to share important information about the impact of homelessness on families. Beaverton School District has the highest number of students experiencing homelessness in Oregon.

Here are some common causes of homelessness:

  • Lack of affordable housing – The most prevalent cause.

  • Gentrification - Unfortunately, we are seeing more of this in our Beaverton neighborhoods.

  • No Cause Eviction - Finding a place and putting together moving costs with only 30-60 days notice can be a nightmare.

  • Unemployment– Losing a job or even hours, especially at minimum wage, often can tip a family into the streets.

  • Family break up – When a parent leaves the family, the family income might go with them, leaving the remaining parent to carry the burden on their own.

  • Domestic Violence – Leaving an abusive relationship can cut off financial resources and stable support system.

  • Medical Bills - Medical emergencies can happen to anyone and can be financially devastating to some.

To learn more about their mission and opportunities to volunteer, visit their website at

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