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Online Giving - Are you ready?

In a recent webinar offered by The NonProfit Times, there was a fantastic discussion around giving trends and what is coming down the pipeline for 2020.

Most of the information was not new, but it does warrant repeating: more and more donors are responding to easy online donation portals instead of the more traditional direct mailing approach.

Almost everyone is using some kind of smart device to check social media and look up websites to learn more about the nonprofits they hope to support with financial gifts. Over half are using online portals to do that and 69% want their acknowledgement via email, not as a printed letter.

Some other interesting points found in a recent report shared by Sage Intaact brought up in the session:

  • Almost half never heard of Giving Tuesday

  • The #1 thing that donors respond to: making a case for an extraordinary need

  • Online donation portals must be very simple to navigate and be mobile friendly

  • Engaging on social media is becoming more and more important

Storytelling remains as important as it always been and adding such things as hashtags

and using video are the trends moving forward.

As you begin honing your fundraising plan for 2020, take a look at these resources to help you create the strongest plan possible because engagement is key:

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